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Are you a dog rescue?

We are not technically a dog rescue, no. We are partnering with rescues and they will be providing us the rescue animal and be finalizing any adoptions here. 

What if I don't want to adopt a dog?

You are still in the right spot! We know that not everyone is able to care for a dog for many reasons. We wanted to create this space not only to find dogs a new home, but to provide the ability for people to come and enjoy them as well. The dogs need all the love they can get and who doesn't love playing with pups?

Can I bring my own dogs to play?

Although we would love to have everyone be able to bring their own dogs and have a huge puppy party, we cannot let outside dogs inside the building. We need to be able to control the environment and prevent any high stress situations for them.

Can I walk in or do I need an appointment?

You need an appointment to come and visit our lounge and rescue pups. We charge for each 50 minute time slot. We can only allow a certain number of visitors so make sure to click Book Now! to reserve your spot.

Are you serving food and beverages?

We will have some canned or bottled drinks available for purchase, but at this time that is not our main focus. Again, we want a safe place for these dogs where the attention is on them.

I am ready to adopt, what are the next steps?

Come visit our a currently available rescue pups. If you find the right companion for your family follow the steps towards adopting provided by the Host.

Will you have dog supplies to purchase?

Yes, we will have a variety of dog products available for purchase.

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